Stress and the Autoimmune Process

Current medical research shows that all autoimmune conditions are essentially the same process occurring in the body: the inflamed immune system, under the strain of continual cellular stress (triggers), mistakes healthy tissue as foreign and begins to destroy it.1 The only difference between various autoimmune conditions is which organ is being attacked. With lupus, it […]

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Cure Controversy

Why your doctor may be skeptical that autoimmune conditions can be “cured.”

The idea that autoimmune conditions can be reversed or “cured” is controversial. Actually, it would be controversial if mainstream medicine were even discussing the topic yet. Your doctor may tell you there is no cure for your autoimmune condition and respond negatively, even condescendingly, if you suggest a cure is possible. Let’s take a look […]

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Michelle Corey C.N.C., Pre-release Book Signing Party

Saturday April 19th 2014. 4pm to 6pm Michelle Corey C.N.C., Thyroid Cure Book Release Signing Party Michelle Corey Hosts a Prerelease Thyroid Cure Book Signing Party at Untitled Fine Art Gallery in Taos New Mexico. “The Thyroid Cure – The Functional Mind-Body Approach to Reversing Your Autoimmune Condition and Reclaiming Your Health” Taos (April 19th […]

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Do Frogs have Bad Genes? Epigenetics and Your Heath

When scientists report that a third of the world’s amphibians are dying off and becoming extinct due to toxic exposures and reduced habitats, do they blame it on the animal’s bad genes?27 No! In fact, as Russell A. Mittermeier, president of Conservation International (CI) says, “Amphibians are one of nature’s best indicators of overall environmental […]

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