Our Gift to You!

You can download your complimentary 14-day Liver Bliss Detox Guide here!

I invite you to click the link above to download my 14 day program for Liver Detox. which includes my autoimmune healing Diet (The Eating For Your Good Genes Diet)  Liver Support Herbs and Treatments with Paleo recipes  to reduce inflammation and restore health
I’m convinced if you follow this program for 14 days, you’ll be amazed at how good you feel. My experience with hundreds of clients has given me that condence. These two weeks may be the beginning of a whole new phase of vibrant health and well-being for you!
In your 14-day Liver Bliss Detox Guide you’ll Learn how:
  • How to Become Aware of Your Body Burden
  • The Benefits of Detoxification
  • How the Liver Protects Your Body
  • Symptoms of a Sluggish Liver and Impaired Detoxication
  • How to Get Started
  • How Food is Information
  • How to Restore Your Liver with Food
  • You’ll get a “Eating for Your Good Genes Shopping List”
  • And Your List of “Foods to Avoid”
  • Plus Recipes for Liver Supporting Meals and Smoothies.
  • Liver Bliss Snack Ideas
  • How to Restore Your Liver with Live Organic Juices
  • How to Restore Your Liver with Herbs
  • Guidance for Safe Detox Treatments
  • And Importantly, How to Finish the Detox While Discovering Which Foods Might be Making You Sick!
The Thyroid CureIn The Thyroid Cure, Michelle Corey presents you with the keys to reversing your autoimmune condition. The book recounts Michelle’s personal journey, healing her own autoimmune condition, and shares her extensive and passion-driven research so that you can heal yours. She helps you recognize your unique individual biochemistry and how to adjust your diet and lifestyle accordingly. She guides you to healing and wellness through optimizing your nutrition, enhancing your body’s natural detoxification, removing toxins and infections, and reducing physiological and emotional stress. Once the burdens on your system are lifted, wellness is restored and you can cultivate a vibrant, happy purposeful life. 

The Thyroid Cure is action-oriented. You take control of your healing process. You will discover what you can do on your own to restore your and health, and how to find and work with a practitioner if necessary. Are you prepared to do what it takes to heal? If you are ready to make the necessary changes, then The Thyroid Cure is your guidebook and personal guru to healing yourself. 


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