Eating For Your Good Genes Shopping List

This autoimmune healing diet food list represents the most restrictive phase 1 of my thyroid healing program

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The strategy is to eliminate possible sources of dietary stress, sensitivity and inflammation for a period of time, to let the Gi tract heal
Once your poor digestion symptoms are gone and your body has had a chance to heal, you may add foods back slowly in Phase II, carefully observing for signs your body reacts poorly to a certain food
Ideal food guidelines for people with Hashimoto’s or Graves’ Thyroid Conditions or any Autoimmune Condition
Contains a list of Foods that support healing and your good genes and also a list of foods to avoid
In my experience, this diet program can,, more than anything else, make a tremendous difference in your health and well-being
In The Thyroid Cure, Michelle Corey presents you with the keys to reversing your autoimmune condition. The book recounts Michelle’s personal journey, healing her own autoimmune condition, and shares her extensive and passion-driven research so that you can heal yours. She helps you recognize your unique individual biochemistry and how to adjust your diet and lifestyle accordingly. She guides you to healing and wellness through optimizing your nutrition, enhancing your body’s natural detoxification, removing toxins and infections, and reducing physiological and emotional stress. Once the burdens on your system are lifted, wellness is restored and you can cultivate a vibrant, happy purposeful life. 

The Thyroid Cure is action-oriented. You take control of your healing process. You will discover what you can do on your own to restore your and health, and how to find and work with a practitioner if necessary. Are you prepared to do what it takes to heal? If you are ready to make the necessary changes, then The Thyroid Cure is your guidebook and personal guru to healing yourself. 


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